C-Roc plants tree with Reforest’Action

C-Roc wants to plant trees thanks to you to generate a positive impact in favor of eco-responsibility.

Reforest’Action’s “Responsible Purchasing” program allows our customers to plant a tree to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the manufacturing of purchased products.

Our partner Reforest’Action offers several levels of commitment to best meet our expectations. We have chosen to donate a portion of the total amount of your purchases on our web store.

We can choose the planting area of our trees. This is the perfect opportunity to act locally for the environment.


Launch date : 2016

Planted species : noyer maya, capirona, cedrala, guapuruvu

Goals : fight against deforestation, preservation of endangered species, restoration of degraded ecosystems, protection of biodiversity, economic development of populations

Activities : construction and management of tree nurseries, planting, harvesting seeds of Mayan walnut trees

Partners : Urku Institut, Maya Nut Initiative


Food security

Well-known for the nutritive value of their fruit, Maya walnut trees contribute to the food security of San Martin families.

Medicinal purposes

The latex seeping from Maya walnut trees is endowed with precious medicinal  properties  against asthma, anemia, and rheumatism. The bark of capirona is usedto cure skin and eye infections.

Biodiversity conservation

Maya walnut trees are considered as a key species in biodiversity conservation, with fruit that can feed 85 % of the bird and mammal species in the area.

Economic income

The seeds of Maya walnut trees are popular and used in many food preparations. Their sale is a source of income for the populations. For information purposes, after six years, one hectare planted with Maya walnut trees can bring back to its owner $ 2000 a year