100% Organic cotton

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100% Organic cotton



Most of our clothes are made of cotton. But its culture has a strong ecological footprint for the environment.

Conventional cultivation and harvesting of the 450 grams of cotton fiber needed to produce a simple T-shirt has a devastating toll on air, water and soil … with a disastrous global impact on health.

Policies and practices at the heart of the cotton industry – from agricultural subsidies to garment factories – are creating poverty and misery in large parts of the world. This is why the choice of a cotton from a less conventional culture is fully justified – a move that reduces our ecological footprint.


There are also more fiber-based textiles that are more durable than cotton.
To reduce our ecological footprint, the choice of organic cotton is a first step. The production of alternative fibers such as linen, Tencel, Modal and bamboo offer alternatives to cotton (conventional and organic). But for us, the optimal solution is clearly recycled cotton.


Recycling is the best option. With recent developments, it is now possible to produce comfortable fabrics containing up to 60% COTTON RECYCLE. To obtain a sufficiently dense yarn, mix the recycled cotton with polyester – exclusively RECYCLE PET to obtain a 100% recycled product. The stock offer of 100% recycled products is still in its infancy. But appreciable options are available. For those who have the opportunity to opt for a “made to order” production, we can offer you virtually any classic cotton product in its 100% recycled version.